Whether a Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, Ripple Wallet or USD Coin wallet, you can sleep easy knowing your cryptocurrency is safe, with no need to worry about losing your Private Keys. In fact, Nigerian commercial banks have begun freezing bank accounts linked to cryptocurrency. The central bank of Nigeria doesn’t even acknowledge digital assets as a legitimate tender. Rather, it sees Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with skepticism. In 2017 the CBN released a guidebook cautioning that fraudsters could capitalize on the anonymity of trading digital assets provided to cause financial terror. Totalcoin is a cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in p2p platform, where everyone can buy Bitcoin using First Bank of Nigeria with guaranties and protection from scam. Trades occur directly between buyers and sellers, Totalcoin serves as a guarantor of fair and safe trading. If you compare Bitcoin to cash or bank transfers, there are far more illegal activities in the traditional financial system. With proper security, it is technically impossible to steal it. In terms of its price, you should expect fluctuations, but the same is true for almost any asset.

Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency created in 2009 that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments. There are several advantages to using Bitcoin for transactions. Both characteristics expedite transactions and remove unnecessary steps for transactions. While this means that they are not completely anonymous, the transactions can be identified only by using a blockchain address. An individual can have multiple addresses, just as they can have multiple usernames and passwords for a single account. Internet Protocol addresses or other identifying information are not required to conduct the transaction.

Our Favourite Crypto Exchanges In Nigeria

Numerous payment methods like bank transfers, PayPal, TransferWise, supported fiat deposits, direct deposits, and M-Pesa makes CoinDirect a great platform to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. Despite this setback, residents can still buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and other crypto assets in Nigeria. This guide will provide an overview of those platforms where it’s still possible to purchase crypto in Nigeria, as well offering information about the payment methods you can use to do so. A one-tier verification process gives you access to an intuitive, fast and secure trading experience. Although the source does not mention all countries in Africa and Latin America, the few entries these regions do have in the list stand out. Bitcoin trading volume in Nigeria, for instance, was twice as high as that of the eurozone in 2020.

  • Don’t worry – we’ll help you find the best crypto wallet for you.
  • Buy Bitcoin with a debit, credit, virtual, or prepaid card.
  • If you’re new to cryptocurrency, or just don’t have the time to commit to trading, our instant buy and sell feature takes the complexity out of crypto trading.
  • But if you lose the phrase, you’re locked out of your own wallet.

He said many Nigerians are using crypto trading to put themselves through school, thousands of new businesses and jobs are being created by crypto innovation. Its mobile-first solution comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to add cash using third-party solutions like Cashlink or BUSD with Onramper. Bundle even connects you directly with Bitrefill, so you can easily purchase gift cards to make payments for items like recharge cards, movie tickets, or even book a ride and pay in cryptos. And even if you don’t know how to trade, Quidax comes with the Instant Buy/Sell feature that allows you to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies instantly. Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies created by mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

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Read more about Sell LTC here. Luno operates an app that also lets Nigerians buy bitcoin easily online. Beyond just buying, Luno provides a bitcoin saving wallet where users can save Bitcoin and earn interest (up to 4% per annum). You can use payment methods like bank transfer and card to add money to your Luno wallet for this purpose. The major essence is, the cryptocurrency exchange site does not process the payment.

‘They’d Rather Buy Bitcoin and Take That Risk’: An Interview With Paxful’s Nena Nwachukwu – Coindesk

‘They’d Rather Buy Bitcoin and Take That Risk’: An Interview With Paxful’s Nena Nwachukwu.

Posted: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In case you are stuck, the Bitpanda Support is at your disposal at any time. Bitpanda believes in the innovative power of digitised assets and blockchain technology. The mission is to tear down the barriers to personal finance and bring traditional financial products into the 21st century. Payment cards are a very safe way to buy Bitcoin instantly. After clicking the search button , transaction information in Blockchain will appear on the webpage. After confirmations in Blockchain meet the requirement of your destination address, your coins will be sent to your destination address within 24 hours. It has relatively low fees while deposits are free of charge. With the growing capitalization of the crypto economy, Russians have been making crypto transactions worth billions of dollars a year, data gathered by the Central Bank of Russia shows. Russian residents are some of the most active participants in the … Do you think these new cash-based services will bring more Nigerians into Bitcoin?

Once you’ve made the transfer, you need to upload a proof, either a screenshot of the bank transfer, or a picture of the deposit slip. Once the seller sees the proof he will transfer the Bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet. Buying bitcoin and other crypto coins with Naira in Nigeria hasn’t been all easy. However, the process of obtaining Bitcoin has become very easy. There are a lot of alternative means of buying Bitcoin these days; you can either buy from an exchange, or an independent exchanger.
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Her expertise covers a wide range of accounting, corporate finance, taxes, lending, and personal finance areas. You should be aware that the value of DPTs may fluctuate greatly. You should buy DPTs only if you are prepared to accept the risk of losing all of the money you put into such tokens. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin on Liquid is with the Quick Exchange feature, or simply buy Bitcoin from one of our spot markets. How to buy Bitcoin How to buy Bitcoin on Liquid in 3 easy steps. “The lack of bitcoin liquidity was the first obstacle to solve to introduce bitcoin to Africa,” says Ray Youssef, co-founder of Paxful. Don’t worry – we’ll help you find the best crypto wallet for you. Once you have your BTC, the best idea is to store it in a hardware wallet. Being decentralized, thus having no central entity, Bitcoin has no support number you can call if you lose your coins. Hand picked, filtered out from scam exchanges and updated by our team.

Buy Bitcoin And Other Crypto Assets Using Naira

In a case whereby the financial institutions are not okay with the regulations the digital asset trading firms have in place, financial institutions must dissociate from such trading firms. In Nigeria, digital assets are not legal tender neither are they grouped as shares or Securities and presently, there are no rules or laws on how to buy BTC and trade digital assets. Get the Yellow Card app to buy, sell, and store your crypto on the go. Simply create a Yellow Card account for free and start trading crypto instantly. All our customers’ funds and data are always secure and protected. We also comply with regulatory standards to enable smooth trading. Get up to 20% of trading fees as referral bonus when you invite friends to trade on Yellow Card at the best rates. By doing so, we provided users with the possibility to instantly buy Bitcoin via First Bank of Nigeria using any device from anywhere in the world.
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It is an online currency that can be sent to anyone without involving third parties in the transactions. If you want to purchase BTC with a bank account transfer, you can easily find an exchange from our Top Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria list. You can find the best crypto exchanges to purchase BTC on our Top Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria list. Now that you finally have your precious bitcoin, it’s not a great idea to leave it on an exchange. To avoid losing your wealth in exchange hacks, move the crypto funds to your personal wallet. Their goal is to provide everyone with easy-to-use products and highest security cryptocurrency systems. With many advanced trade types, such as margin & futures, OKCoin is one of the most advanced crypto exchanges in the world.
As soon as the transaction receives 6 confirmations in the blockchain network, your bitcoin wallet balance will be top-up. The technical indicators available on our trading platform can help you to determine what bitcoin’s price might do next. Indicators can also help you monitor current market conditions like volatility levels or market sentiment. Day trading bitcoin means that you’ll open and close a position within one single trading day – so you won’t have any bitcoin market exposure overnight. This means that you’ll avoid overnight funding charges on your position. This strategy could be for you if you’re looking to profit from bitcoin’s short-term price movements, and it can enable you to make the most of daily volatility in bitcoin’s price. This restriction, however, did not stop Nigeria from becoming the biggest crypto market in Africa. Recently, the CBN reiterated the law and has begun to enforce it. This reinforcement was probably sparked by the END SARS protest where protesters contributed money in Bitcoin to fuel the protests after bank accounts of protesters were frozen.

BitPesa is an Africa crypto-exchange with over 26,000 users. The platform supports the purchase of Bitcoin from Nigeria and other African countries. However, BitPesa does not provide a Bitcoin wallet; users can create a third-party wallet to receive Bitcoin. The KYC process includes verifying your identity with a valid identification document.

You have option to hold them in your Paxful wallet, sell Bitcoin for US dollars or any other currency. You can also send your Bitcoin to any other Bitcoin wallet. With your Bitcoin Kiosk and Partner program you earn 2% on each trade forever by just sharing a link. Convertible virtual currency is an unregulated digital currency that can be used as a substitute for real and legally recognized currency. You should not transact in the DPT if you are not familiar with this DPT. Transacting in DPTs may not be suitable for you if you are not familiar with the technology that DPT services are provided. Ltd. is exempted by MAS from holding a licence to provide DPT services. Please note that you may not be able to recover all the money or DPTs you paid to Quoine Pte.
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If you’re new to cryptocurrency, or just don’t have the time to commit to trading, our instant buy and sell feature takes the complexity out of crypto trading. To buy bitcoin in Nigeria usually requires that you make payment in dollars to buy bitcoin and not Naira. Additionally, the exchange rate on exchange platforms is different from the standard rates used by banks and other financial institutions. Exchange rates depend on the platforms, demand and supply, and the buyers. Therefore, you need to be wary of this so that you don’t lose some money due to the unstable exchange rate. Deposit naira via cash, instant bank transfer and debit cards to buy crypto or sell your crypto and withdraw directly to your bank account. Patricia is one of the most popular wallets in Nigeria to buy and sell bitcoin. They have worked harder than any brand to push crypto trading to the average Nigerian who may not have heard of cryptocurrency before. With an easy to use web and mobile interface, you can buy BTC or sell based on Patricia’s rates.

This must be done before most platforms will allow you to make a purchase. Once your account has been verified, you’ll need to choose which cryptocurrency you wish to purchase and how much, as well as which payment method you’d like to use. Make sure to review the total cost for the transaction, including fees, before confirming the purchase. To store the cryptocurrency you purchase, you must have access to a crypto wallet. You can use a wallet that is naively provided by crypto exchanges or use a wallet for which only you have access to the private key. This latter option includes hardware wallets, such as Ledger Nano S, desktop software wallets, such as Electrum, or mobile apps, such as Trust Wallet. Therefore, it is impossible for thieves to palm it off the holder.

Nigerians cannot use Nigerian Credit and ATM cards to purchase crypto coins on most exchange sites. Add to that 15 million unbanked Nigerian farmers that sell agricultural goods for cash, some 10 million of whom are mobile phone users, too. That’s a tremendous growth opportunity for cryptocurrencies that need a simple phone to “work,” and not even internet is absolutely necessary thanks to SMS wallets like Cointext, for example. When considering buying Bitcoin, Changelly might be a perfect option to instantly buy Bitcoin with fiat money for both NGN, USD, or any other. Two of our partners work in this country – MoonPay and Simplex, which provide such payment methods as bank transfer, debit card , and ApplePay. Yellow Card is championing buying and selling bitcoins and cryptos with the most straightforward means possible. With Yellow Card, you buy and sell Bitcoin with bank transfer online or cash in a store near you. You can even deposit into your Yellow Card wallet by purchasing recharge pins from any authorised seller around you.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Luno?

The Minimum Threshold is USD10. 00, or its equivalent in any applicable Supported Cryptocurrency calculated on the day on which the liquidation is performed.

Around half of Nigeria’s 200 million citizens remain unbanked, and together with the category of the underbanked they form a majority of almost two thirds. According to data released by the World Bank, only around 40% of Nigerian adults have an account with some financial institution or a mobile money provider. It currently supports bitcoin core and dash and will be adding bitcoin cash and tether in the near future, a company representative confirmed. However, people that have only cash in their pockets are also welcome to acquire crypto from a Yellow Card shop or any of the platform’s agents. To do that, they need to buy a Yellow Card voucher from a merchant which comes with a 16-digit code and redeem it in the mobile app. Remaining one of the leaders in the number of cryptocurrency holders, banks of Nigeria are expanding their influence by offering favorable conditions for buying bitcoins. To purchase digital assets, you can use a Visa or MasterCard payment system card.

Bundle is one of the fast-rising social payment apps that allows Nigerians to buy and sell cryptos like bitcoin, BUSD, BNB, etc., or even save in dollars. If you would like to buy bitcoins worth more than 1,000,000 NGN, please submit the request and we will contact you to provide bank transfer instructions. BuyCoins features both peer-to-peer bitcoin and instant purchases. You can deposit Naira by purchasing the NGNT token and then buy Bitcoin on the platform.
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Potentially, the most efficient way to regulate digital assets might be to group them under shares, which gives control to the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. Lastly, financial institutions need to quickly report any illegal trades by these clients to the NFIU . Since its inception, Bitcoin was the biggest and most influential digital asset that has transformed the current ecosystem. From a business perspective, if you’re planning to switch to crypto, it makes sense to start with Bitcoin. He added he plans to use “alternative channels” to remain a part of the cryptocurrency community. Your deposit is currently being processed by the payment service. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the payment to be processed. If you are a first time user, please sign up for a Paga account.

IG International Limited is licensed to conduct investment business and digital asset business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Discover everything you need to know about bitcoin halvings. These will enable you to go long and speculate on the price rising, as well as short and speculate on the price falling. The accuracy of your prediction and the size of the market movement will determine your profit or loss. The table below highlights the main benefits of CFD trading.

What did CBN ban in Nigeria?

On February 5, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a ruling instructing all financial institutions to stop the facilitation of all transactions involving cryptocurrencies. … Find out what’s in store for Nigerian Crypto investors after the crypto ban in 2021.

Some users are waiting to see if CBN issues any more rules or clarifications. “As we all know, [peer-to-peer] can’t be stopped,” one trader in Nigeria, Lucky, told CoinDesk. Please review the details of your order before continuing with the payment process. Your payment details are handled in compliance with PCI DSS by Moonpay.io. I’m a technical writer and marketer who has been in crypto since 2017.

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